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About us

Torino Spazzole Industriali Srl is a young and dynamic company for over 20 years in the field of design and construction of brushes for industrial use. The world of industrial brushes is represented by an infinite number of users, each of which differentiates its need both for characteristics and for materials and technologies of interest.

Our range of products meets the most diverse requirements: from standard brushes, for the most common uses, to special solutions, specially developed for any need. The quality and performance of the components used by Torino Spazzole Industriali is always guaranteed, both for large series and for small quantities.

Our fields of application are innumerable, we show you the main ones:

  • Wood processing: roughing, impregnation, brushing Laminated panels, transport, cleaning and finishing of wooden surfaces.
  • Sheet metal processing: cleaning, honing, treatment and pickling of iron and aluminum.
  • Food industry, product processing, packaging, surface cleaning of processing residues including breadmaking.
  • Beverage industry, labeling and packaging, transport of products.
  • Textile industry, finishing, washing and cleaning of fabrics..
  • Glass industry, washing, cleaning, transport of delicate products, brushes for vertical, horizontal and glass washing machines.
  • Industrial brushes applied to doors for insulation from air and dust.
  • Antistatic brushes, for the graphics industry, decoupling of sheets, disconnection of electrostatic potential.

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