Areas of application

Glass industry

Areas of application

The production of flat glass for the building, automotive and furnishing components involves the use of lines equipped with special horizontal and vertical washing machines which, by using technical brushes, clean the surface from imprints, shading and residues from previous processes, and make it suitable for subsequent coupling phases for the glass-chamber, the adhesion of protective films and the subsequent insertion of the obtained shapes, in the spaces to which they are intended.

Torino Spazzole is present in this sector with modular brushes to allow the recovery of the transmission shafts and therefore make it possible to reuse the non-damaged modular sectors; the circular brushes are not only used for washing but also for transporting the glass by means of roller conveyors or brush bands that drag without scratching and leaving traces of support on delicate glass; they create sliding benches on which to move glass surfaces of large surfaces becomes easy and accurate; to clean chips residues created by cutting slabs and to repair water splashes and scraps in grinding and bevelling edges; furthermore, to repair any crack from the entry or exit of air, water and parts that could damage the operator's safety or dirty the working environment.

Should it be necessary and the conditions allow it, Torino Spazzole is also able to provide processing on stainless steel shafts with respect to the required balancing tolerances.

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