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Areas of application

Areas of application

Torino Spazzole Industriali has the perfect solution for every specific sector of processing. For over ten years, our company has been providing customized answers for every production area in which industrial brushes represent an indispensable aid.

Our application fields are innumerable, we show you the main ones:

Wood processing

Torino Spazzole Industriali has been producing for many years a wide range of technical brushes that, in wood processing, extends from the most traditional to the most innovative and recently used in industries with strong automation skills.

Sheet metal processing

Torino Spazzole offers a wide range of solutions for the use of industrial brushes in the sheet metal working sector, which, as far as the household appliance industry is concerned, often has enamelled, painted and in stainless steel or aluminum surfaces. very delicate especially on the transfer planes during the punching, folding and packaging of the cut sections to size.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector is perhaps the one where the technical brush has changed considerably the first manual and then artisanal work phases, then automated and then inserted into industrial processes.

Glass industry

The production of flat glass for the building, automotive and furnishing components involves the use of lines equipped with special horizontal and vertical washing machines which, by using technical brushes, clean the surface from imprints, shading and residues from previous processes, and make it suitable for subsequent coupling phases for the glass-chamber, the adhesion of protective films and the subsequent insertion of the obtained shapes, in the spaces to which they are intended.

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