Areas of application

Sheet metal processing

Areas of application

Torino Spazzole offers a wide range of solutions for the use of industrial brushes in the sheet metal working sector, which, as far as the household appliance industry is concerned, often has enamelled, painted and in stainless steel or aluminum surfaces. very delicate especially on the transfer planes during the punching, folding and packaging of the cut sections to size.

The brush sliding surfaces can be made in such a way as to allow a stable support, in relation to the weight of the object to be supported and at the same time delicate, for the sliding that the sheet metal surface will have to exert on the end of the wires that compose the brush, thus avoiding any risk of scratching or denting and without reducing the process speed.

The shape of the brushes lends itself to creating fixed or inclined surfaces even for very large or sliding surfaces with idler or motorized roller conveyors; feed slides with chain conveyors or modular belts; support surfaces with individual support points only with brushes or alternating with steel balls that can be hidden in the case of hybrid solutions for light and heavy sheets. Moreover, flame-retardant plastic materials can be used if the brushes are positioned near laser cutting with the risk of causing fires due to the presence of incandescent sparks.

The materials that make up the brushes are also abrasive for pickling, satin finishing and roughening of aluminum profiles and sheets of raw sheet metal, before painting or coupling with other coating materials, or metal for smudging, removal of residues of calamine and oxidized layers.

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