Areas of application

Food & Beverage

Areas of application

The food and beverage sector is perhaps the one where the technical brush has changed considerably the first manual and then artisanal work phases, then automated and then inserted into industrial processes.

Torino Spazzole realizes almost daily brushes that in the form, in the materials used and in the conceptuality of its use represent a kind of innovation in the food processing sector regardless of their mineral, vegetable or animal origin; liquid or semi-liquid; pasty, solid or semi-solid; raw or cooked; preserved naturally or frozen.

Almost every substance we ingest comes into contact with a brush during the phases of extraction, cleaning, washing, transport, transformation, selection and packaging. All this is allowed thanks to the use of materials suitable for contact with foodstuffs and regulations in force within the European Community and in compliance with the FDA regulations.

Brushes for washing and peeling vegetables, fresh and dried fruit; to clean and sanitize work surfaces and socks in the slaughtering and processing of meat and fish; to remove crumbs and cooking residues from baking pans and oven nets for the confectionery and bakery industry; for the degreasing of drums, containers and molds in the dairy sector; for the canning industry in the selection of the size of cereals and in the polishing of vegetables, citrus fruits and rice; to contain the product in the weighing cells and to remove the excess from the conveyor belts and blistering machines; in rinsing the glass jars and bottles before filling as well as in the subsequent labeling; in conveying the bottles into the air conveyors and in braking the packaged products in order not to damage the packaging.

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