Areas of application

Wood processing

Areas of application

Torino Spazzole Industriali has been producing for many years a wide range of technical brushes that, in wood processing, extends from the most traditional to the most innovative and recently used in industries with strong automation skills.

The brushing of the raw and ennobled panels using synthetic fibers, vegetable fibers or animal horsehair is made possible with circular brushes with a size or with a sectional area for large surfaces but also with brush belts that are inserted in transverse brushes to guarantee an efficient degree of micro-finish.

The rustication of the beams and of all the covering materials such as beads, parquet, planks and casings makes it possible to obtain finishes and effects that, depending on taste, are specialized with the use of abrasive and metallic filaments as well as the impregnation of details varnishes, takes place appropriately only with brushes that use filaments that respect the characteristics of the wood and the type of product applied.

The fixing support of the brush solves problems of adaptation on suction hoods for machining centers with chip removal and therefore Torino Spazzole proposes profiles in flexible thermoplastic material with interlocking solutions or to be inserted in sliding guides, as it is available to optimizing all the solutions foreseen in the panel movement for the production of furniture and kitchens, from the cutting phase, following painting and stacking to guarantee the surface finish and the absence of scratches or damages that compromise the quality.

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